The majority of my family lives in Southern Lebanon, in a busy city called Sidon.  It’s dirty and overcrowded.  People are poor and bitter, children have no rules and run around in the streets playing soccer, buying their parents cigarettes.  The electrical plant was bombed (Thanks Israel!), and thus only half of the country gets full power at a time, while the other half uses a generator.  At any time the lights and power will go out, everyone will moan, and then switch to the generator, adapting and moving on with their lives.  Not so fun getting stuck in an elevator when this happens, but a childhood memory nonetheless.  With all its flaws and mishaps, I love Lebanon. I love Sidon. I love the Middle East…it’s home.

photo 4 (9)

photo 3 (7)

photo 5 (4)

photo 5 (5)



One response to “Lebanon

  1. I am fascinated by your country and its food. Thank you for the mini picture essay. Love the lazy urban pelicans 🙂 PS thanks for following food to glow. I hope my ersatz interpretations of your regions cuisine is not too awful

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