An Open Letter

Dear Trump Supporters,

I get it. Hillary was unlikable. She has had numerous investigations over erasing her email server, was married to a man whose presidential legacy was overshadowed by a sex scandal, has been entangled with many corrupt governments that have donated millions of dollars to her fundraiser. It’s all very sketchy, and had it been any other republican, I probably wouldn’t have voted for her.

However, I never heard Hillary say she hates when “black guys count her money”. I have never heard Hillary refer to Hispanic immigrants as rapists, or suggest Muslims be put on a list until “we know what’s going on”…I have yet to see Hillary raise her hand to her chest, impersonating someone with a disability.

I have heard many people try to explain why they voted for Trump in a non-confrontational, rational matter. As much as I respect the calmness in your explanations, where was this levelheaded reasoning when he referred to a woman’s weight as “a major problem”? This I don’t understand. Nor do I understand how someone that ran an entire campaign on hate, completely lacking specific policies, won the election. Furthermore, I do not understand how voting for a billionaire celebrity was a vote against the elite, and I don’t think I ever will.

To give you an insight of what the rest of “us” are feeling, not only did the racist guy win, but also half of America decided to overlook the hatred spewed from his mouth to vote for him. Living amongst those people scares us much more than the idea of him in office. As Dave Chappelle said, I will give Trump a chance. Yet the second the decides to insult ANY American based on their skin color, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation – I will look to his supporters to denounce the hate, and I will sleep at night knowing that I stood on the right side of history.

Ahlam Harvey
7 Pierce Ave
Beverly, MA 01915


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