Pray for Boston

Yesterday was the first Boston marathon in many years that I missed. I’m a big fan of marathon Monday’s, it is truly a world class event.  People gather from all over the globe, the weather is nice enough where you don’t need a jacket (usually), there’s no work because it’s Patriot’s Day, everyone day-drinks…It’s pretty much the best day to be in Boston.  
But yesterday changed the culture of the Boston Marathon forever. Two explosions have killed 3 people and injured over 170, many of those injured are in critical condition.  I would just like to say that as disgusting this crime is, I am truly amazed at all of the patriotism and camaraderie I have witnessed just over the past day.  People everywhere are standing with Boston. The Boston PD and federal authorities wasted no time in securing the area and clearing people out, in addition to locating the other bombs and keeping many more people safe.  
Local residents near Copley have been offering the runners a place to stay for as long as they need because many are displaced due to hotels being on lockdown.  I have never been so proud to be from Boston in my entire life, and I just wanted to share that with you. 


photo (7)


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