My professor knew me all too well.

My first freshman year of college, I was a nursing major (soon after, I realized that I hate blood and needles and hanging-out with sick people, so i dropped the program).

I had to take a Bio lecture 3 days a week accompanied by a lab one day a week, and more often than not, your lab instructor was not your lecture professor. Wednesday was my first day of lab, and I sat down at a table waiting for the professor to come in. The other students at my table tell me that they’ve taken previous classes with this instructor, and that she was nice but strict.

As we’re chatting and getting to know each other, in walks the professor.  Instantly I know that i recognize this woman, but how i know her is not clicking.  I’m staring at her, trying to figure out…

It’s my gynecologist! my lab instructor is my gynecologist! In fact, I had just had an appointment with her a week prior to my class starting (everything went fine).

I started freaking out. What do I do? Do I ask her if she recognizes me? If she uses any personal stories as anecdotes during the semester, how do I know they won’t be about me? I was blushing, my hands started sweating…

I handled it like any normal woman would….got up as if I were going to the bathroom, walked out of the classroom, dropped her lab and changed instructors.  Sorry, but that’s a little too weird for me. It’s bad enough going to the gynecologist and get PAP . I’m always so apologetic during the entire appointment, as if I have to apologize for her 6-figure salary.  And besides, she chose the career. I didn’t ask for any of this.

Anyways, none of this matters. I dropped the program and started college all over, never taking a course with a lab ever again.


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