Big Beers in Bruges, Belgium.

Ah, Bruges….where the streets smell like chocolate and the beer smells like really good beer.  I love this place. It’s weird and quirky and funny and cold and old and charming and wonderful.

Our first night there, Seth and I went straight for the beer. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is a beer enthusiast and had already researched the best pubs in town with the most locals and the cheapest, best beers.  I tried a passionfruit beer that was the second most delicious thing I have every had to drink (see below), and Seth thoroughly enjoyed all 5 of his craft beers ; ) Best of all, the locals.  The old men with their cheese plates and their mustaches.  I wanted to sit there all day, but since we only had one night in Bruges, we thought it best not to be too hung-over.

photo 1 (3)

We went to a place that made the world’s best hot chocolate, and we knew this because it had a sign out front that said “world’s best hot chocolate!”. So naturally, we went in just to check it out…

Remember that first time you tried a s’mores, and remember thinking ‘oh my god there’s nothing like this in the world’…well this was exactly the same thing.

make your own world's best cup of hot chocolate amazingness

make your own world’s best cup of hot chocolate amazingness

so there were steps, easy steps, but instructions nonetheless.  First, you were brought over a great big cup of steamed milk.  And when I say ‘big’, I mean the size of a large cereal bowl.  Then you are equipped with a whisk, chocolates in a cup (oh, and the cup is made of chocolate), and a plate of chocolate and peanut-butter almond cookies, for emotional support. You can make the liquid desert as ‘strong’ as you’d like, or as lame as you’d like.  I went with strong, delicious hot chocolate.  I totally felt like I was in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Delicioso .

..we were SO full after the hot chocolate party, we decided to go taste some cheese and more chocolate ; )

photo 1 (4)

We walked into this adorable little cheese shop and pretended for about an hour that we were seriously interested in buying some cheese, only because we thought it rude to simply taste with no intentions of buying… I’m sure they were on to our little scheme.

But my favorite part of Bruges was simply walking around. The canals, the old architecture, the cobblestone streets.  Ah, take me back please!

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (2)


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