Holland and Belgium and France…OH MY!

Apologies for the lack of blogging…however I was on vacation and was going to blog, but then just went on living my life : )

My boyfriend Seth and I decided to leave the cold weather of Boston in order to enjoy the cold weather in Europe over my spring break, and let me tell you…it was magic.

Ever been on a vacation that isn’t completely planned, but everything just works out? There were so many things that happened that made me think ‘yea, I’m definitely supposed to be here’.  We arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday, just as the sun was setting, and we immediately went walking around town…

photo 2
For all of those who believe Amsterdam is filled with a bunch of potheads with dreadlocks, I hate to inform you, but you are sadly mistaken.  The city is absolutely stunning.  People are eco-friendly and clean, the houses along the canal are breathtaking, everyone…and I mean EVERYONE is on a bicycle.

photo 4


But do you want to know what I found most interesting? No one was on their phones!!! Well, wait, let me clarify.  People used their phones when needed, but that was it.  There was no internet cafe surfing whilst visiting with friends.  In fact, Seth and I felt embarrassed to even pull out our phones while out in public.  We certainly weren’t going to be ‘that’ couple that didn’t have anything to talk about and were always on their phones.  I loved it.

And although it was a bit cold (high 40s, low 50s), we felt like we had the city to ourselves.  No crazy tourists, no angry locals…just pure vacation bliss.

Vondelpark guardian, Amsterdam

Vondelpark guardian, Amsterdam



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